Meet Keri Mogus

Elevating the quintessence of The Recovery Center, this About Page isn’t just a testament to Keri’s expertise and the center’s ethos but a beacon inviting visitors to take their first step towards a transformative wellness journey.

Keri Mogus

Your Personal Wellness Architect

A Transformative Journey

Keri Mogus isn’t just another name in the vast realm of bodywork and massage therapy. She’s a narrative of passion, dedication, and transformative change. With a commendable journey spanning 22 years in the management sector, Keri bore witness to the very real challenges of stress, physical injuries, and the silent toll of ignored well-being. This sparked a pivot towards her true calling – catalyzing personal wellness through the art and science of bodywork.

Throughout her illustrious career, Keri has partnered with an array of professionals, from chiropractors to spirited athletes and the vibrant youth. Harnessing techniques such as Fascia Stretch Therapy, Orthopedic/Medical Massage, and advanced recovery tools like cupping and IASTM, she crafts experiences that are as unique as the individuals on her table. It’s not just about technique with Keri; it’s about a customized fusion tailored to breathe life into every client’s wellness journey.

Yet, the true essence of Keri’s work is not just the technical prowess but her deep-rooted passion. Her mission? Empowering you with self-care tools and offering that sigh-of-relief moment that only impeccable bodywork can bring. Backed by her amiable and compassionate demeanor, Keri isn’t just a therapist; she’s a wellness ally eager to make a lasting positive impact.

Empowering Wellness

Cultivating Your Path to Vibrant Wellness

At The Recovery Center, we firmly anchor our beliefs in the transformative power of physical wellness. We see it as the foundational pillar, holding aloft the joys of a happy, fulfilling life. Our mission echoes with a singular clarion call: Empower. Every individual, irrespective of age or ability, should take the reins of their physical well-being, embracing the vitality that comes with a balanced lifestyle.

As architects of this mission, we offer more than just services; we provide a compass. Accessible resources light your path, expert guidance ensures you tread right, and personalized support guarantees that you never walk alone. Our aim is to not only foster a bond between the mind and body but to instill habits that radiate positivity, inspire active living, and make self-care second nature.

Our Mission

Our ambition is clear: to be the lighthouse guiding individuals through the voyage of physical wellness, ensuring they not only embark on this journey but relish every vibrant, balanced step of it.

Passion for Wellness

More Than Services

Beyond technical expertise, Keri’s deep-rooted passion shines through, making her not just a therapist but a wellness ally who cares deeply about her clients’ well-being.

Discover the Power of Tranquility

Embrace relaxation like never before. Our therapies are designed to immerse you in an environment of absolute peace, calming your mind and body.

Optimize Your Healing Journey

Accelerate your path to recovery with your personalized treatments, designed to restore your health and enhance your vitality.

Prevent. Protect. Perform.

Our treatments go beyond immediate relief – we focus on injury prevention to protect your future health and ensure you can continue performing at your best.

Change Your Performance Today

Our services are carefully curated to ensure you receive the best possible care and support

Personalized Approach

Each session is tailored to your unique wellness goals, ensuring progress towards your ideal state of well-being