Invest in Your Wellness

At The Recovery Center, our philosophy is simple—exceptional services at transparent prices. We understand the profound impact of physical wellness on your life’s quality. As such, we’ve meticulously curated our offerings, ensuring you receive the best while always being aware of the investment. With expert guidance from Keri Mogus, a name synonymous with specialized bodywork techniques, every session promises a step closer to your ideal well-being.

An Overview of Our Services:

Experience Tailored Wellness Solutions

While the below gives a snapshot of our services, for a detailed pricing structure, please refer to our comprehensive list on the Massage Book platform.

Fascia Stretch Therapy:

A session crafted to increase your mobility and reduce pain.

Orthopedic/Medical Massage:

A therapeutic approach to address specific issues.


Ancient wisdom meets modern techniques for overall wellness.


Harness the power of instruments to promote healing.

Customized Bodywork Fusion:

Addressing your specific needs and wellness goals.

Normatech Compression Therapy

Reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation.

Infrared Sauna

Eliminate toxins from the body, relaxes muscles, reduces inflammation, and improves blood flow.


Capture circumference measurements, body composition, and posture analysis.

Ready for a Deep Dive into Pricing?

We’ve partnered with Massage Book to give you a seamless and detailed pricing experience. View session lengths, package deals, and special promotions to craft your bespoke wellness journey.

Your journey with The Recovery Center promises not just unparalleled expertise but also transparency at every step. Our Pricing Page is meticulously designed to ensure you are equipped with the necessary information, allowing you to make informed choices on your path to rejuvenation and wellness.

What to expect

We provide top quality healthcare.

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